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About us
KNIGA PREDKOV is a community of people eager to acquire, preserve and transfer unique knowledge about ancient cultures that have ever existed on our planet or still exist today.

What do we offer:

We have organized ethnographic journeys for many years. During our trips everyone has a unique opportunity to reveal what is important to them at a particular stage of life. We get involved in the mysteries of ancient traditions, get to know the local people at unique natural places and discover everyday life and the foundations of ancestors. All this helps our guests find those very keys that open new horizons and the depth of life.

What makes our journeys so special:

From the beginning of our project, every participant of our team explored the world, looking for something that corresponds to their personality and reveals their personal meanings. After that, we joined our forces and developed ethnographic tours. Every tour is unique. Our trips are organized so that you can touch on the ancient knowledge of our ancestors, which is hidden from the eyes.

We do not just show you the sights and natural landscapes of the area - as you can do it yourself. On the contrary, we take you by the hand and carefully bring you to another dimension, where you have never been and where you connect with local people, their wisdom and energy. Our trips take you to another state of your life. Returning to your ordinary everyday routine, you will find new meanings and your life will never be the same.
  • Valeria Mikulskaya
    The founder of the project, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, an ideological inspirer of the project
    "During the last 2 years I have traveled through 26 countries and many regions of our country. I wanted to find something special and real. I met with different people: inhabitants of the steppes, who still roam, hermits and keepers of ancient traditions. I've seen everyone from ethnographers and shamans to ministers and representatives of social cultures. With those who have not yet accepted modern realities and those who did it"
  • Anton Pavlov
    Co-founder and your guide to the world of real adventures

    "As for me, traveling is not only an opportunity to know our planet better, but also a way to look at myself and people around from a different perspective. Every time we go to new places, we reveal another side of our character, previously unknown to us"
  • Natalia Zarechnova
    PR and the soul of the team

    "I like to explore cities without a map, observe, find secret places and immerse myself in the atmosphere of real life. People inspire me. I think that the locals - their smiles, emotions, stories and traditions - are a reflection of the true culture of the country"
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