Immersion journey into Tuvan culture
from the world-famous legend of throat singing

August 5‒12, 2024
Radik Tyulyush

“Initiation into khoomei”
*khoomei - type of Tuvan throat singing with overtones
Immersion journey into Tuvan culture
from the world-famous legend of throat singing
August 5‒12, 2024
Radik Tyulyush
“Initiation into khoomei”

khoomei - type of Tuvan throat singing with overtones
The times when a Man could hear the whole World!
The times when a Man could hear the whole World!
Legendary Master
Meet the singer, composer, maestro of traditional Tuvan throat singing, member of the HUUN HUUR TU group, soloist of Chalama Project, winner of The BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music, honored khoomeji Radik Tyulyush.
Ancient traditions of Tuva
Join ancient ritual traditions of the Tuvan people, hear the legends and tales passed from mouth to mouth and taste the Tuvan national cuisine.

Initiation into the art of khoomei
Learn the basics of the ancient vocal art of the Tuvans, dive into intensive throat singing training, learn important aspects of attunement, gain skills to participate in musical jams and try playing the traditional instruments
Places of power
Climb to the top and perform a ritual with the spirits of the area, learn about national traditions and beliefs and recharge your energy

Authentic nature
Visit holy places, see unique healing “arzhaans”(healing springs), enjoy the endless starry sky and take a trip through the relict taiga.
Musical improvisation with the master
Train your voice and discover a musical sense of harmony, spend unforgettable evenings fulfilled with musical improvisations leaded by the legendary musician and make an initiation into the art of khoomei.
A unique experience is learning the art of throat singing from the world famous master
Radik Tyulyush.
Take part in national traditions and learn local beliefs,
visit places of power and dive into a nomadic culture of the Tuvan people.


The program is aimed at unlocking the potential of your voice.
Stay in the natural landscapes of Tuva helps you dive into the tradition of the khoomei sound
Day 1
Adventures begin on August 5, 2024
(you need to arrive in Kyzyl before 10:00, flight from Moscow is at 22:10 August 4, 2024, arrival at 07:30 in Kyzyl).
  • Meeting of the group in Kyzyl
  • Sightseeing tour in Kyzyl
  • Visit the foothills of the legendary Tandy ridge
  • Сheck in a national nomadic Tuvan camp
  • Meeting with hosts of the camp
  • Welcome tea ceremony
  • Rest, banya and delicious dinner
Day 2
  • Breakfast
  • Meeting with the master of throat singing Radik Tyulyush
  • The first lesson of khoomei
  • Lunch
  • Horse riding lesson
  • The 1st Musical jam with Radik Tyulyush by the campfire
  • Dinner
Day 3
  • Breakfast
  • Throat singing classes
  • Lunch
  • Hike to the holy mountain Bayan-Sagaan, the story about the legendary Tandy-Uula ridge
  • Traditional Tuvan rituals of offerings “San”.
  • Evening dinner
  • Rest after climbing and banya
Day 4
  • Breakfast
  • Singing class with Radik Tyulyush
  • Horse riding (optional)
  • Lunch
  • The 2nd Musical jam by the campfire
  • Traditional Tuvan dinner
  • Dinner
Day 5
  • Early breakfast
  • Horse riding trip to a sacred arzhaans (holy healing spring) through the centuries-old taiga
  • Lunch at the spring, the legend of the holy place
  • Throat singing class
  • Dinner at the camp
  • Rest and sauna
Day 6
  • Breakfast
  • Closing khoomei lesson with Radik Tyulyush
  • Final throat singing class
  • Lunch
  • The 3rd Musical jam by the campfire and closing ceremony of  khoomei lessons
  • Dinner
Day 7
  • Breakfast
  • Master class on traditional cuisine of Tyvan nomads
  • Free time and/or horse riding lesson (optional)
  • Lunch with traditional Tuvan dishes
  • Rest and banya
  • Dinner
Day 8
  • Early breakfast
  • Departure (about 4 a.m.) to the airport of Kyzyl

For the inspiration check out a video made by one of participants of the journey in 2022.


AUGUST 5-12, 2024
99 000
The price is per 1 person

The price includes:
  • throat singing classes with Radik Tyulyush (5 lessons)
  • musical jams with Radik Tyulyush (3 jams)
  • transfers during the program
  • accommodation in the traditional yurt camp
  • 3 meals per day
  • banya (3 times per program)
  • horse riding lessons
  • cultural program
  • sightseeing tour in Kyzyl
What is not included:
  • tickets to Kyzyl and back
  • medical insurance
  • breakfast and lunch on the first day in Kyzyl
Additional info:
  • Estimated cost of tickets Moscow-Kyzyl-Moscow: ~35,000 rubles
  • Accommodation: Tuvan yurts nomadic camp with traditional decor located in a unique natural place

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