Deep dive into nomads’ tradition
and “khoomei” throat singing
Mongolia with Radik Tyulush
Jul 24 - Aug 02
Study from the very beginning or level up your skills
Investigate throat singing “khoomei”with Radik Tyulyush and play traditional musical instruments
Horse riding
throat singing
Journey to the origins
of nomadic culture
We invite you to a existing adventure full of:
Enjoy beautiful landscapes of Mongolia: steppe, lakes and rivers, taiga and urban areas
Get familiar with people and traditions of the country
of Mongolia
Meet the singer, composer, maestro of traditional Tuvan throat singing, member of the HUUN HUUR TU group, soloist of Chalama Project, winner of The BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music, honored khoomeji Radik Tyulyush

Legendary Master
Radik Tyulyush
Throat singing lessons

During the masterclass, participants will delve into the techniques of traditional Tuvan throat singing and overtone singing, exploring various styles and sub-styles. Beginners will receive guidance through their initial steps in learning, accompanied by detailed instructions for ongoing self-development. For those already adept in throat singing, personalized steps for further advancement will be expertly presented.

We will stay in traditional dwellings of nomads - mongolian yurts, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.
  • First part (24/7-27/7) - getting familiar with steppe (Gorkhi-Terelj National Park)
  • Second part (27/7-02/08) - even more rural and authentic area - Lake Khovsogol

Adventures are calling!
Explore nature, locals, new paths and your emotions during the trip
Horse riding lessons
  • Experience unforgettable feeling of freedom when you move in a single rhythm with a horse through incredible aromas of meadow grasses.
  • Learn basics of horseriding or master new level skills
  • Explore mongolian style of horse riding
Can be a little changed to make it even more exciting
  • Gathering of the group in Ulan Bator, sightseeing tour in the city and lunch
  • Transfer to yurt camp in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
  • Check-in, rest, banya and dinner
Day 1
Day 2
  • Breakfast
  • Getting to know the area of Terelj
  • Lunch
  • Horse riding class
  • Buddhist monastery “The Milky Way”
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • First throat singing exercises from Radik Tyulyush
  • Workshops/horse riding class (optional)
  • Lunch and rest time
  • Banya(sauna)
  • Dinner
Day 3
  • Breakfast
  • Early morning transfer to the lake of Khovsogol (the northeastern part of Mongolia)
  • Check-in at yurt camp on the coast of lake, dinner
  • The rest and free time at new location
Day 4
Day 5
  • Breakfast
  • Throat singing class
  • Lunch
  • Rest and free time
  • Dinner
  • The 1st Musical jam with Radik Tyulyush by the campfire
Day 6
  • Breakfast
  • Throat singing classes
  • Lunch
  • Traditional ritual of offerings “San”
  • Dinner
  • Rest and free time
  • Breakfast
  • Singing class with Radik Tyulyush
  • Horse riding (optional)
  • Lunch
  • The 2nd Musical jam by the campfire
  • Traditional dinner
Day 7
Day 8
  • Early breakfast
  • Horse riding trip to a sacred place
  • Lunch in the sacred place
  • Throat singing class in the sacred place
  • Dinner at the camp
  • Rest and free time
Day 9
Day 10
  • Breakfast
  • Boat trip on the lake
  • Lunch
  • Rest and free time
  • Dinner at the camp
  • The 3rd Musical jam and closing ceremony of khoomei lessons
  • Early breakfast
  • Departure to Ulan-Bator
Your guides for this adventure
These people will help you on your way to adventures
  • Anton Pavlov,
    co-founder and your guide to the world of real adventures
    "As for me, traveling is not only an opportunity to know our planet better, but also a way to look at myself and people around from a different perspective. Every time we go to new places, we reveal another side of our character, previously unknown to us"
  • Nariman Salim,
    helps you to feel the place
    "Every time you step on a path, the journey unfolds in two planes at once: in the external world and the inner world. Moving between countries and continents, studying the traditions of different cultures, looking into the eyes of passers-by, you discover the whole of which we are all parts"
Mongolia with Radik Tuylush
The price includes:
  • 5 throat singing classes with Radik Tyulyush
  • musical jams with Radik Tyulyush (3 jams)
  • transfers during the program
  • accommodation in the traditional yurt camps
  • 3 meals per day (during staying in yurt camps)
  • horse riding lessons
  • cultural program
  • sightseeing tour in Ulan-Bator
What is not included:
  • tickets to Ulan-Bator and back
  • medical insurance
  • breakfast and lunch on the first day in Ulan-Bator
  • Lunch on the day of transfer to Khovsgol

Accommodation: Mongolian yurt nomadic camps with traditional decor located in a unique natural place

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